Label Issuance Management System:


We strongly support the printing of labels without Management System mistakes. The work progress management function visualizes the work status and can be used as an index for the administrator to give accurate instructions.

 Accurate Label Issuance

In particular, by managing date information such as manufacturing date / manufacturing time and expiration date / consumption time by chain, flight, and product, the label printing date can be completely controlled. In addition, we back up accurate label issuance in line with food quality labeling standards, including allergen labeling and nutrient labeling.

 Enhancement Of Master Maintenance Function

By consolidating label print information on one screen, you can grasp the print contents at a glance.

 Auxiliary master function

 In the nutrient master and raw material master, characters that are frequently used can be pre-registered in the auxiliary master and selected from the list to save the trouble of inputting.

 Perfect label issuance business management function

Utilization of label issuance instruction form

 We will issue labels without mistakes by utilizing forms such as label issuance by chain and flight, instructions and checklists.

 Bulk issuance function

 It is possible to issue labels for multiple products at once by making a reservation. 

 Work progress display function

 Visualize your work progress with real-time management. It can be used as an index for manufacturing managers to give accurate instructions.

 Tag management

Adobe Experience Platform Launch simplifies tag management and provides innovative tools to collect and distribute data across different digital marketing systems.

 Labels are in control

Labels are at the heart of any analytical practice. They allow you to gather data and turn it into the insights you need. The challenge is to deploy and manage tags efficiently.

 Launched by the same engineers as Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) in 2013, Launch is our next-generation tag management system that unifies our entire marketing technology ecosystem.

With Launch, third-party developers can build, maintain, and continuously update their integration with Adobe Experience Cloud, so you can easily deploy Adobe and third-party applications—and capture and use customer data as needed.

 Rich Expansion Catalog

Browse, configure and deploy marketing technologies built and maintained directly by ISVs.

 Redesigned rule building tool

Integrate marketing and advertising technology data and capabilities to syndicate disparate products.

Open API

 Component-Based Publishing

Bundle these rules, data elements, and extensions into a library and publish content only as needed.

 Label Management System

Percent label management system is a set of one-stop label management platform that integrates label management, definition, production, analysis and application. It builds label system based on data assets, helps enterprises convert technical data into business labels.

Realizes the visibility and availability of data. Understanding, availability, and operation are the cornerstones of refined operations and precise management of enterprises.

 Application scenarios

 Gather the multi-format data of the real estate group, manage and integrate according to a unified data standard system, sort out the user labeling system that conforms to the development of multiple formats, establish a membership operation system for the entire customer base, abstract customers, and comprehensively describe user portraits. Provide refined services and precise marketing to customers based on user portraits.

 Product Features

 Supports selecting attribute, statistical, and behavioral meta-indicators from multi-source databases to form a tag production metadata set. Users can set tag business rules and production plans based on the indicator system in the data set.

 One-stop label system construction

Fully visual definition of label production rules, without any technical foundation, it is easy to build a multi-entity label system. Supports setting enumeration labels, qualitative labels, statistical labels, behavior preference labels, and combination labels

 360 degree user portrait

Based on the label results, user portraits are displayed in an all-round way, including user attribute labels, statistical labels, algorithm labels, and various behavior trajectories, helping operators to understand users, gain insight into users, and serve users more accurately.

 Group Segmentation Application

Support multiple methods to flexibly subdivide groups, including tag condition circle selection, behavior condition circle selection, ID upload, etc.; depict group portraits from multiple perspectives, and support portrait distribution analysis, comparative analysis, detailed download and push.

 Automated service and sharing

Tag results automatically generate API, support third-party systems to quickly use tags and group results, and support API, file synchronization, and database synchronization three sharing methods.

 Row and Column Level Data Permission Control

For users and systems in different business domains, it provides authority control for data retrieval, download, and service, and supports label-level and ID-level authority control to maximize data security and control.


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